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Usually every exhibition is organized by a curator, who decides on the theme of the exhibition, makes selection of art to be exhibited, “hangs” the works and writes the text for the catalogue. The curator has the full responsibility of the artistic quality and standard. Internationally an interesting alternative approach has been devised, which is called “Curators’ Choice” whereby the organizers determine the theme and conducts organizational chores of the exhibition and several curators, independent of each other present their selection of art and the concept of their selection. “Curators Choice” is conglomeration of independent projects, which is intended to show the interrelation between exhibitions and differences of diverse curatorial approaches and practices. The viewer is given the opportunity of delving in differing approaches and interpretations, and viewing issues relative to one-another, on a wide landscape. Such condition is seldom, if ever, in the case of a single-curator exhibition. This year the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (NPAK in Armenian acronym) has decided to try this concept in Armenia. The theme has been decided to be “Contemporary Art In Armenia”. This project follows the general strategy of ACCEA/NPAK: Casting vigilant view over state of cultural affairs in Armenia, trying to keep creative environment active, and fighting against continuously growing and seemingly overwhelming commercialization of the cultural life. Initially most of the practicing curators in Armenia were invited to take part in this exercise. Only the ones presented in this exhibition took up the challenge:

Edward Balassanian, Edward Tadevossian, Assistant
Sonia Balassanian, Arpa Hacopian, Assistant Curator
Gagik Ghazareh, Vahram Akimyan, Assistant Curator
David Kareyan, Lusine Khandilyan, Assistant Curator