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Hrant Dink Foundation, YIC Youth Initiative Centre in Gyumri, Galata Fotoğrafhanesi and Free Press Unlimited are jointly holding the multimedia exhibition ‘Beyond Waiting… Stories from Turkey-Armenia Border’.

Sealed in 1993, the Turkey-Armenia border continues to divide people, villages, railway tracks,
children’s laughter and memories. ‘Beyond Waiting’ captures the daily lives of people in the border cities Kars and Gyumri as well as the years of interrupted dialogue.
The five multimedia documentaries jointly produced by:
Aleksey Manukyan, Deniz Pekkıyıcı
Anıl իizmecioğlu, Sofia Danielyan
Arif Yaman, Marianna Vardanyan
Anush Babajanyan, Volkan Doğar
Eren Aytuğ, Armenuhi Vardanyan
Hrant Dink Foundation
Burcu Becermen
ACCEA/NPAK Armenian Center for Contemporary and Experimental Art