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There are “mountains” that come to the heart and mind and stay there. There are “mountains” that never
seem to move in the daily thinking and handling. A person may even live his whole life without noticing
what a mountain he carried in his head. There are happy mountains and sad, gloomy mountains. I drew
some mountains of my head on the paper while watching a mountain in Yerevan, my new fellow Ararat
I tried to catch something essential of my own thinking and of my feelings while admiring at something that
is mightier, older and more experienced than me.
In confronting the politically disputed mountain Ararat, I decided to take a look at my own personal thinking,
feelings, motives and policies that I practice in my life. By doing so, I state that the very personal thinking
is the essential thing that determines the political statements and efforts of individuals. The enlarging of
the awareness about personal policies and motivations of individuals is the main key to improving the politics
between individuals and between countries. Personal is political.
I invite people to make visible their own “mountains” in a room, which is covered with soft, white material.
On the white “cloud” people can sit down by a low table, write and draw their own personal mountains and
hang them in the space. The chain of mountains is altered every time someone hangs his/her own mountain
and adds it to the collection. I invite people to move the mountains of their heads, in order to move
the mountains of their surroundings.

Anna-Lea Kopperi