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On January 23, 2017 at 7pm South Caucasus Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival and its experimental art program present performance piece by Valeria Khripatch and Olga Rabetskaya from SKVO’s Dance Company (Minsk, Belarus) which was produced in collaboration with Yerevan based composer and multidisciplinary artist Arash Azadi (born in Tehran, Iran), composer, sound artist and violinist Mehdi Hesamizadeh (Tehran, Iran) and local contemporary dance practitioners.

The performance is an outcome of 10 days of laboratory sessions held in Yerevan from 14th to 22th of January.

* * * Concept

* Body articulation / body as a message, talking body
There is no particular plot, but never ending talk
There are no words, but never ending movement
There is no emotion on a face, but in a sound and pictures organized around dancing body.

…Level of loneliness or inability to be alone, extroversion and hyperactivity, ability to negotiate, tongue-tie, or maybe just a stammer from excitement, aggressiveness against criticism, inability to listen to, ignorance of own needs, elementary confusion, language, mental or age barriers… So there are a lot of circumstances for and against communication.

We talk too much, but don’t understand each other.
Experimental work with attempt to make body talkative but concentrated, to listen to each other without saying any word. This Laboratory is about searching of a body language and clear body articulation, reaction and emotion in a process of cooperation.

* * *

Attendance is free!

Project is realized in the frames of the “Regional Art and Culture Project in the South Caucasus”, which is managed by the Culture and Management Lab with financial support of the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus (SCO).