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Yerevan Biannual Exhibition of avant-garde Art attempts to presents basik artistic tendencies, existing today in the “creative environment” of art in Armenia. The exhibition in essence is a large experimental laboratory. It is a crater of multi-faceted developments, with colourful processes of self-expression, analytic and synthetic confirmation, rejection, convergence, etc. The laboratory invites the viewer to participate and communicate with these creative processes. Such an encompassing forum cannot be totally programmed. It can realized only within confines of multitude of thoughts, and by acting as agent of documentation and unification.
In my opinion the Yerevan Biannual Exhibition of Avant-Garde Art, as a unique initiative, has to adopt the principle of creative freedom. Otherwise, it will turn into a dogmatic and formal event, and will lose its inherent essentiality and motivation.
Two years now, another artist/curator will be invited to curate the show. He, or she, will perhaps form a new conceptual approach, and in essence will further develop and enrich the basic premise of this initiative.
On this difficult, but interesting journey, I wish all of us success in our creative work.

Stepan Veranian, Curator