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As social beings and in order to connect with each other, other species and objects, humans adapt to their environments.  Beyond biological mutations, anthropomorphism and personification come in different forms as an artistic practice in direct response to the space they are part of.
Traces of these interactions come out as a communicative support of these processes reflecting life in different aspects.

Houry Markarian, 2023

Participating Artists

  • Anna Shneivas
  • Abdalla Kassem
  • Shoghik Vardanyan
  • Levon Aghajanyan
  • Daria Goffman
  • Ashot Pashinyan
  • Mihran Martirosyan
  • Vahagn Mangasaryan
  • Hakob Balayan
  • Albert Merino
  • Emma Dilanyan
  • Ananian Araksi 
  • Hripsime Ghazanchyan
  • Qristine Muradyan
  • Arevik Aleksanyan
  • Stella Grigoryan & Kay Khachatryan
  • Maria Filimonova
  • Sophie Keoshgerian
  • Pawel Pacholec
  • Evelyn Kareian
  • Eliana El Morr & Antoun El Morr
  • Diana Karapetyan
  • Nelly Sarkisyan
  • Anouch Lelong
  • Mariam Arami
  • Ann Gordeeva
  • Ruzan Petrosyan
  • Contemporary Sound Orchestra

Curated by Houry Markarian

April 7 – May 17

NPAK 2023