These works represent a concept of material and spiritual structures of crude materials
and fine spiritual energies, manifested and non-manifested worlds, as well as a concept of correlation between earthly and spiritual values.

Space is born from a point, space unfolds in time, and time is condensed into material. This cycle is developed by a subsequent reverse process: material is destroyed in time, time is dissolved in space, and space rolls up into a point. Substance, time and space are crude and fine energies of the material. The point is the existing, the eternal super-fine spiritual energy – Spirit, the sublime beginning and sublime completion of everything – the Alpha and the Omega. 

Based on the idea as the highest energy giving birth to everything and existing in everything, this concept is represented in an artistic-creative form of development.

The light and color structure presented in the works bears an image of spiritual energy. Light and color as energy are represented not in a calm and pacified concept of stillness, but in a restlessly throbbing anxiety of being; they are full of creation and dynamics, generation and embodiment.

Eyes symbolize a path, depth and space, leading to the inner meaning of a work and the inner world of the beholder, for the sake of perceiving one’s own self and the truth of the essence of being, thus creating a spiritual connection, a dialogue, between the beholder and the work.

Photograph is the only art-form which is closely related to a specific place, a specific time, space and fact, as well as recording an event and creating history.

With this form of art I destruct at first glance seemingly firm foundations of such notions of the material world as material, time and space.

I tear them from presumed stability, and send them into eternal flow, fluidity and transformation, the whirlpool of births and destructions, and the stream of the energy of being.

Thus the unsteadiness and the illusion of the manifested world – the Material one, as well as the fallacy of earthly values is revealed, and the spiritual values are moved forward as the primary, true, real, and firm values of existence.

Narek Khechoyan