Rolf Müller and Stefan Schwarzer, as part of International Scholarship Program of the Arts Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt, and support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, in 2015 traveled to Armenia to learn about a foreign culture, whose fascinating riches and essence stimulate imagination and perception.

In a month-long expedition they traveled in Armenia in the footsteps of Heinrich Theodor Wehle. Wehle (1778-1805), in 1802 was working at the Graphical Society of Dessau, and took part in a geological scientific expedition to the Caucasus—Georgia, and Northern Armenia—to explore the origins of the discovered excavation specimen.

Heinrich Theodor Wehle is the first European graphic artists who selected the Caucasus as an object of artistic presentation, and developed a very unique artistic vocabulary: spontaneity as an essential element of painting; direct expression of mixture of what artist sees and feels as means which make it possible for the artist to put on paper anything he wishes, withouot prior preparation.

For weeks Rolf Müller and Stefan Schwarzer explored Armenia and created many drawings, paintings and installations. They documented locations of their expeditions and collected specimen to comply with the principal requirements of the scholarship: exploring the impact of Heinrich Theodor Wehle's 200 years ago discoveries, on contemporary Armenian artists.

This successful process is now continued at a 2016 exhibition at the Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, in Yerevan. The “Time Travellers” exhibition tells the story of artists’ spiritual and material travel, which symbolizes Heinrich Wehle's thoughts and works. Dialogue with Heinrich Wehle must be conducted on different level of reality, where Wehle's works are viewed from the viewpoint of relationship between reality and imagination.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to Armenia, the lifestyle of its people, and meetings of artists during their daily routine. Here artists have recorded what they have seen and lived in scores of paintings. In addition ACCEA/NPAK has invited artist Edgar Amroyan to present his experiences of “Time Travel” in Germany.