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For the first time in Yerevan

From the 1960s until his death in 2005, René Hoviv, a well-known satirist in France, collaborated with a number of prestigious French newspapers and magazines, and published more than a dozen albums and comic books

Unfortunately, the art-loving community of Armenia is not familiar with him, and the “Return to Ararat” exhibition presents a great opportunity to discover the artist René Hoviv.

During the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the book of memoirs by the artist’s father, Vahan Hovivyan, titled “From Army to Siberia or the Sunrises of Life,” which is, in fact, an encyclopedia of Armenian life in the 20th century, will be presented.

The exhibition was organized by the non-governmental organizations “Factum” and “Actual Art,” with the support of the RA Ministry of Culture.


NPAK, 2018